The Micromanipulator Company

Micromanipulator Delivers the Tools the Industry Depends On

The first name in analytical probing, Micromanipulator delivers the tools and life cycle support the semiconductor industry depends on.  We’re proud to be a partner in our customer’s success.  Together we continually advance the state of the art and give our customers the tools they need to develop the products of tomorrow.

Why Choose Micromanipulator

Our technology 

  • Our technology approach does not place the “burden of performance” on system operators.  Our customers focus on their data, not the prober.
  • Customers can configure a prober which best meets their needs from our extensive list of options.
  • Our technology takes a “systems approach” to integration: Vibration isolation, thermal management, flexible, open architectures, materials selections.

Our products 

  • With 16 different models and more being developed every day, Micromanipulator offers the most comprehensive selection of probe stations and accessories available.  
  • Choose the station that meets your needs from Manual, Motorized, or Semiautomatic.  
  • Accessorize your station the way you need with thermal chucks, microscopes, vibration isolation, light and noise shields, manipulators, DC and RF measurement hardware.

Our focus on our customer, service and support 

  • Our application knowledge – we’ve been learning with our customers since 1956, a partner in their success.
  • Worldwide network of service support engineers offering “system level” support - Micromanipulator supports the entire system from optics to thermal chucks.
  • Extended warranties, preventative maintenance programs, and upgrade paths (even for obsolete tools!) designed to protect your investments.