TECHNOLOGY LEADER IN BOND TESTING WORLDWIDE:  XYZTEC Manufactures Innovative Equipment   That is Used for QA to Ensure the Reliability of Many Products in Multiple Industries

TEST PERFORMED:  Ball Shear, Cavity Shear, Fatigue Test, Passivation Layer Gold Ball Shear, Ribbon Pull, Total Ball Shear/Zone Shear and Wedge & Ribbon Shear

CONDOR Sigma:  Performance and Flexibility.  Revolving Measurement Unit Allows 1 to 6 Sensors Enabling Fully Automatic and Manual Testing.  The most advanced bond tester on the market, combining the unique strengths of the Condor series with the latest technologies and innovations.

CONDOR Sigma Lite:  The Condor Sigma Lite is the cost effective version of the most advanced bond tester on the market.   Both the Condor Sigma and Condor Sigma Lite can use Existing Tools and Work Holders

Also Available:  Control Software, Revolving Measurement Unit, Image Capture, Tool Sample Work Holders & SPC

Panningen, The Netherlands

US Office:  Fremont, CA