COHU SEG High Performance Contactors, is a One Stop Integrated Solution Provider:

The COHU SEG Contactor team has the expertise to take full ownership to provide an integrated solution for COHU SEG handlers or any other handler on the market today with the following solutions:

     Exact Contactor PTB Kelvin:  Small Pitch (down to 0.35mm) and Small Pad Sizes.  5A continuous & 30A Peak.

     ESX PTB Kelvin: Mid Power Applications (3A continuous & 30A Peak). Smallest pitch size to 0.5mm.

     ESX Power PTB Kelvin:  High Power IC and Discrete Applications (5A continuous to 200A Peak).  Smallest pitch size to 0.5mm.

     Small Device Contactor: Very short signal length (11mm) with high insertion rate life span and 15A Peak.

   Spring Pin Contactors:  Small Pitch Down to 0.25mm, High Density Array Contactors, High Parallelism Test Strip and Optimized for High Temperature Accuracy, High Speed and High Temperature Applications

•   MicroSpring Contactor:  PTB RF Contactor for Very Small Body Size (0.3x0.6) and Small Pad Sizes

•   RF Scrub PTB:  High Frequency Pin without the use of Elastomers (1.0x1.0 Body Size & Very Small Pad Sizes)



Poway, CA

Kolbermoor, Germany